Michelle Sitko

Meet the Librarians: Michelle Sitko

Michelle Sitko, Associate Professor, Head, Continuing Digital Resources Management & Scholarly Communications

Libraries always held a special place in my heart and life. From childhood, years of study, to my professional experience as an academic research librarian — they have served as a springboard of infinite possibilities. They also served as a home away from home, an invaluable, special place of refuge and reflection when living and studying abroad.

I found keeping my finger on the pulse of international scholarly development exciting. I realized early in my career while working as the Assistant to the Slavic & East European Resources Bibliographer & Coordinator of the Soviet, East Asian and Latin American Exchanges at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill that I had what it took to ensure the acquisition of a quality research collection. My advanced degree in library and information science along with my undergraduate and graduate study in literatures and languages provided me with the perfect skill sets to take full advantage of the opportunities available in scholarly collection development and management.

I feel blessed to be able to work in such an important and ancient profession that makes so many positive contributions to society. Librarians, information scientists, archivists, publishers, monks (however you wish to describe what we do) have helped to ensure reliable continuity of our history, sometimes against very formidable forces. Although we develop our intellectual content today in many new and different ways, the very nature of what we manage has not. Lately, I really enjoy my trips to the shore, reading articles and books on my Kindle while sitting on the beach communing with nature!  How perfect is that!!!


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