TechKnows: Printing

Hello, and welcome to the very first “Tech Knows” post! My name is Riley from the Help Desk, located at the Knowledge Bar. These posts will essentially be mini-guides on how to get the most out of your Learning Commons experience. The Help Desk has received a lot of questions on how to print, so I’m here to provide a quick-and-easy answer.


  • The GO Print symbol is in the bottom right task bar. If not, restart the computer.
  • You have enough Pacer Points to print. Check by double-clicking on the GO Print symbol and signing in with your MarywoodYOU Portal username and password. On the right you should see your funds. If you don’t have enough, see below.
  • The printer selected for the job is “gplrcrefb” (black and white) or “gplrcrefc” (color). If not, select it in the drop-down box.

If you don’t have Pacer Points:

  1. Sign in to the MarywoodYOU Portal.
  2. Click on “Manage your Pacer Points” in the left column.
  3. Sign in with your MarywoodYOU Portal username and password.
  4. If you do not have a credit card logged in to the system, click on “Add Credit Card” and have your card ready to fill in the fields.
  5. Click on “Add Funds” on the home page.
  6. Fill in the fields and click “Continue.” Tip: minimum is $10. You get a 10% bonus when you add $20 or more.
  7.  Click “Add Funds” and your transaction will process.
  8. You should see your new balance on the home page.

Tip: these are not the same as meal plan points. You can use these Pacer Points for anything on campus, printing and food included.

Now that you have Pacer Points, print away!

Keep in mind that printing in black and white is six (6) cents a page and printing in color is twenty-five (25) cents a page. You can print to any GO Print printer on campus, but the library printers are gplrcrefb (black and white) and gplrcrefc (color).


As always, if you have any further questions, visit us at the Knowledge Bar! We’re always happy to help.

This is Riley, signing off!

Do you have any suggestions for other Tips & Tricks? Leave a comment below!


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