Marywood Bibliophiles: Show Your Shelf!

Ahem. Hello! You there, under that pile of books. 

Do you:

  • Keep an office or dorm room “library” or personal book collection?
  • Have your own organization system?
  • Have an epic collection on a particular subject that is the envy of your peers?
  • Or, maybe you keep a few treasured companions on an esteemed shelf for inspiration that no one is allowed to touch, especially your roommate or significant other?
Is this your office, apartment, or dorm room?

Is this your office, apartment, or dorm room?

We suspect there are many of you that do–and we’d love to hear about what takes up space on YOUR shelves.

“Sharing your shelf is sharing yourself – showcasing the building blocks that have crafted your knowledge, personality, and identity.”

-Peter Knox. The Guardian, “What Does Your Bookshelf Say About You?”

The Learning Commons Blog is scoping out Marywood’s faculty and student libraries to share and celebrate on the blog. We’re exploring the questions:

What does your library say about you? Is it descriptive or  aspirational? Is it the library of a former self, an alter-ego or autobiographical? What insights would it provide a stranger about you? What % have you read? How do you organize and collect books? And more!

Submit a photograph or a manifesto of your collection to: with the subject: “Show My Shelf!” We’ll contact you with a few questions and highlight it on our blog!

If your library is notorious, we might come knocking anyway. 

Instagram: #marywoodlearningcommons #showyourshelf

Say a little, say a lot–or let your shelves speak for themselves!


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