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This Earth Day, Help Plant the Next Generation of Trees at Marywood!

by Amanda Avery, Librarian, Arboretum Committee Chairbest time to plant a tree proverb

It’s no secret that the building of the new Learning Commons required the sacrifice of a significant number of mature campus trees–trees that bore witness to many milestones in Marywood’s history.

Happily, through the efforts of the Sustainability Committee and the intrepid students of the Pugwash Environmental Club who raised nearly $4,000 and donations from community organizations and nurseries, 100 new trees will be added to campus, bringing new life to Marywood’s Arboretum and “putting the ‘wood’ back into Marywood.”

trees will be planted this Earth Day Weekend, April 22, 23, and 24. Anyone is welcome to come help plant!

  • Planting will happen each day from noon until 5pm.
  • Hate digging? Good news! Holes will be pre-dug by our wonderful grounds crew prior to planting. We will plant, backfill, water and fertilize.
  • We’ll plant about 35 trees/day.
  • President Sister Anne Munley will plant the first tree.

If you’d like to volunteer, just show up or contact:

Robin P. Ertl (Chair, Sustainability Committee; Faculty Advisor for Pugwash) | Phone: 570-961-4548 | Email: OR Zarlasht Abubakr (Student President of Pugwash, Marywood’s Environmental club) | Phone: 570-330-0162| Email:

Earth-Day-2016-Poster-Earth-Day-NetworkBesides the obvious aesthetic benefits of adding trees to campus, trees offer people the opportunity to “pay it forward” to the future, by increasing the capacity for CO2 sequestration, shade and cooling, as well as enhancing well-being, health and mental outlook, offering the community at large a natural respite, not to mention the multitudinous benefits to wildlife and ecological diversity. This project is a perfect demonstration in action of Marywood’s Core Values, as well as our contribution to Earth Day 2016’s “Trees for the Earth” challenge, which aims to get 7.8 billion trees planted before its 50th anniversary.

Many of the tree varieties to be planted are Northeastern natives, or support birds and other wildlife. They will also increase the diversity of trees in our Arboretum Collection.

Gallery of new tree varieties:

Thanks to One, Two, Tree Farm of Waymart, PA and Conifer Corners of Factoryville, PA!