New York Times Online Is Here!

In these uncertain times, we are often left wondering if the articles we read every day through social media are promoting real or fabricated news. Thankfully, some websites promise the facts alongside balanced, informed, and educated opinions on current events. Great, you are probably thinking, where can I find this place? Search no further! Say hello to the New York Times Online, a new collaboration between Marywood University and the New York Times, thanks to the Learning Commons’ own Michelle Sitko, Head of Continuing Digital Resources. You may have read articles from the New York Times before, but now you can access virtually everything has to offer for free with your Marywood email. Read on to find out how!

On February 8, 2017, Sitko sent an email to the Marywood campus about New York Times Online. In the email she explained that all Marywood students, staff, and faculty could sign up at with their Marywood email to receive free and complete access to the New York Times. Whereas before readers of the Times were required to pay after a certain amount of free online articles, anyone in the Marywood community is allowed to access the New York Times and its expansive archive online at no cost.

In addition to free articles and archives, New York

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Times Online allows educators on campus to access the New York Times in Education site. To utilize this feature, navigate to and provide your Marywood email address. According to Sitko’s email, “this site includes faculty-developed, AASCU aligned learning outcomes, [and] general instruction strategies to promote student achievement.” Included in
the website is a number of activities for learning development and all are free to Marywood users.

Other notable features include the New York Times large and diverse collection of videos, TimesTopics, and mobile apps to integrate the New York Times into your busy life. To access the apps, go to

But wait, there’s more! With this new and exciting partnership comes the introduction of virtual reality to your mobile device. With the New York Times and your iPhone or Android device, you can activate virtual reality to experience videos and stories in 360-degree immersive video format. Try it out today by visiting the Knowledge Bar in the Learning Commons!

If you have any questions about the New York Times Online, you can contact Michelle Sitko at or contact the Learning Commons Circulation Desk at (570) 961-4707.


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