Learning Commons Committee

The Learning Commons Blog is a project of the Learning Commons Committee.



  • Amanda Avery, Chair, Assistant Professor, Outreach & Assessment Librarian
  • Sue Jenkins, Clinical Assistant Professor, Graphic Design
  • Michelle Sitko, Associate Professor, Continuing Resources Librarian
  • Leslie Christianson, Assistant Professor, User Services Librarian
  • Kathy Lewis, Assistant Director of Marywood User Support, OIT
  • Anne Zukowski, Student, Learning Commons Social Media Intern
  • Student Representative, position currently open!

Interested in joining the committee? Please send email and interest statement to: aavery@maryu.marywood.edu


Our Mission…

The Learning Commons Committee formed in Fall 2014 as an ad hoc cooperative effort between Faculty Senate and members of the Library faculty. It is composed of a core of library and teaching faculty and student members in consultation with others from a wide range of campus groups.

The committee’s purpose is to help facilitate a successful transition and adoption of the new Learning Commons building and concept–and, most importantly, to foster community engagement, ownership, and agency in this new collective space.

Here are a few things to committee is working on, to ensure the best possible opening and adoption of the Learning Commons:

  • Develop ongoing strategies for migrating, updating, and promoting Learning Commons resources
  • Create outlets for library-campus communication and feedback channels including social media and this blog.
  • Develop assessment plans to monitor actual LC usage and outcomes
  • Capture community ideas and feedback.  Make recommendations that address potential problems, roadblocks, and user-needs.
  • Communicate examples of the LC’s potential and successes in regards to the day-to-day impact of its collective resources, services, workflows, technology, in a variety of uses.
  • Enable transparency in the development, adoption, and implementation of LC resources and services and ongoing dialogue.

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