Picture of AmandaAmanda Avery, Outreach & Assessment Librarian

Amanda is inspired by old trees, cat ladies, and folklore. She responds kindly to negative ions, children/animals, and beef tartar. She coordinates the LC Blog, and writes about LC culture, book reviews, happenings and events, and library resources. She is interested in the overlap of librarianship with other disciplines.

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Picture of LeslieLeslie Christianson, User Services Librarian

Leslie likes to hangout in the woods and hopes one day to be adopted by a nice family of bears. As a matter of fact, in one of the parallel universes which she is confident exists, this happens. When she is not watching cartoons and playing Kung Fu fighter with her two young boys, she reads and writes about digital information resources, scholarly communications, and professional practice.

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sue jenkinssue jenkins, Clinical Assistant Professor of Art

Sue Jenkins teaches web and graphic design in the Department of Visual Arts at Marywood. Outside the classroom you’ll find her taking photos, running her design studio, checking social media, reading physics blogs, watching Netflix, hanging out in NYC, practicing random acts of kindness, and secretly wishing to be invisible so she can whisper positive encouragement to people who look glum.

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 Riley covaleski

Riley writes our “TechKnows” column, bringing you up to speed on LC Technology.


anne zukowski (lc street reporter)

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