in the commons

(Gallery & Building Guide)

library (1st Floor)

Traditional Library services & Facilities

Get expert advice from librarians, or find information on your own at the computer terminals or via WiFi to access online databases, the catalog, and inter-library loan services. Browse the Marketplace for some new reading, art journals, and displays curated by Marywood faculty and students. Copy and print, view Archive materials, get technical assistance or store your bag and laptop in power-enabled lockers. –>Service Hours

Automatic Book-Retrieval System

Providing a new way to access the print collection, book security and preservation, as well as freeing up more valuable space for learning, the Book Retrieval System stores the majority of our print books and journals. Request items through our Catalog and watch it in action as its own living exhibit of tradition transformed by technology.

knowledge bar & atrium

Your starting point for exploring the Learning Commons. Staff is available to help with whatever you need: research assistance, book pick-up and circulation, technology help, and more. Get directions, access other floors via elevators and stairs and enjoy the student-designed stairwell mural, water fountain and rotating art exhibits, in the multilevel atrium.

Regional archives (2nd Floor)

Northeast Pennsylvania Archive; Reading Room & Gallery. The community’s most treasured documents are a powerful source of knowledge, both for Marywood’s students and for scholars around the world. As a repository of valuable local history, the Regional Archives allows the University to preserve and exhibit precious artifacts and significant materials from Marywood’s cherished past and from the rich heritage of Northeast Pennsylvania. Maintaining strong ties to area libraries, archives, museums, and schools, the Regional Archives at Marywood University provides meaningful opportunities for historical research and cultural appreciation. Visit the Archives from 8-10am and 12-2pm Mon-Fri. For more information contact Jim Frutchey,

The Center for Communication Arts (Terrace Level)

The Communication Arts program now has a home on the Terrace level of the LC. This space includes Marywood’s Radio Station WVMW-FM 91.7, a Sound Stage for video and television production and audio recording; animation, editing, and audio labs; the Woodword HQ, and facilities for Broadcast, Online & Print Journalism.

entrepreneurial launchpad (3rd Floor)

A resource for creating and launching business enterprises, drawing on visiting professionals’ real-world experiences, and infused with a broad academic and theoretical basis in ethical business practices. For more information contact Dr. Chris

center for transformational teaching and learning (2nd floor)

The Center for Transformational Teaching and Learning (CTTL) at Marywood University serves as a catalyst for innovation and professional development for pre-service, in-service, and postsecondary educators. Through the integration of pedagogy, technology, and innovation, the CTTL applies Marywood’s rich tradition of teacher education to a changing educational landscape. Through the assistance of the CTTL, educators are equipped to empower a global, diverse community of students to transform an interdependent world.

study (all floors)

Study Rooms are available on the Terrace, 2nd and 3rd floors.

Reserve a room using the “25 Live” Online Reservation System. 2 or more students can reserve a room up to 2 weeks in advance for 2 hour periods. Drop-ins are ok if a room is not reserved.

The North and South Glass House Study Areas; The Hearth Lounge, and The Alee Study Lounge on the 1st and 2nd floors also provide semi-private spaces varying in privacy and quietness. In general, study space tends to get quieter as you move up. The 3rd floor study carrels are designated as “quiet study.

Create (3rd Floor)

Presentation Practice Rooms on the 3rd Floor are equipped with visual and audio software technology and are available to students and teachers to build, practice and execute their multimedia presentation skills.

host (3rd floor)

The 3rd Floor seminar rooms feature adjustable walls and seating to accommodate lectures, group learning; and a customizable environment with large computer screens and screening technology. An adjacent reception and exhibit space offers one of the best views from the building.

eat (1st floor)

The Learning Commons Cafe is the newest campus late nite dining option!  In Fall 2016, the Cafe’s Outdoor Terrace will open, outfitted with tables, benches, umbrellas for outdoor seating. –>Cafe hours.

outer commons

Motherhouse & Seminary Memorial Gardens

The space once occupied by the original Motherhouse has been dedicated as a meaningful memorial that will commemorate the timeless, remarkable spirit and mission of the IHM Sisters and Marywood for years to come. The focal point of this Memorial Garden is a fountain in honor of the IHM Congregation and its founders—at the exact site where the altar of the Motherhouse Chapel was located.

This extensive, beautiful memorial preserves and reflects a treasured past—one of humble beginnings and hopeful dreams. The Motherhouse Memorial leads us into the future, celebrating the timeless, remarkable spirit and mission of Marywood.

Sculpture Garden

Interspersed throughout the Memorial Gardens is a curated exhibition of commissioned sculptural works on display through Fall 2016, as part of a bienniel sculpture contest. For more information contact Mr. Collier Parker, Dean of the Insalaco College of Performing and Creative Arts:

cafe patio opening 2016

ampitheater opening 2016

To Reserve a Space in the Learning Commons, please contact Mike Gibbons, Jr.: or Helene Teeple:


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